agile implementation methodology (AIM)

AGILE Implementation Methodology (“AIM”)

Cre8tive Consulting offers incredibly cost-effective and efficient techniques to implement your Epicor solution. We use the proven, agile software implementation strategy to ensure that we deliver your custom ERP solution on-time and within budget. From planning and designing, to testing and deployment, our consulting services leave you fully-equipped and ready to start using your new system right away.

AIM is broken into five stages: Prepare, Plan, Design/Build, Validate, and Deploy. Each stage includes a series of segments that are filled with a set of inputs, tools, techniques, and deliverables — all building upon one another to move to the next stage. Gate Reviews provide checkpoints to better ensure that the project is aligned with the plan. The end result is an on-time, on-budget implementation of your Epicor solution, tailored to bring your business to the next level.

AGILE Implementation Methodology "AIM"

AGILE Implementation Methodology "AIM"

Why Choose Cre8tive Technology AGILE Consulting Services:

Iterative modeling exposes issues, gaps, and data inconsistencies with the team as a whole.

Increased user participation puts the responsibility on the whole team, not just our consulting team.

Users have more exposure, which enables them to learn more throughout the implementation process.

“Readiness Streams” have fewer dependencies.

Higher probability of success.

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