Component Serial Tracking – Epicor ERP Custom Software Solution

  • 18 April 2013
  • cre8
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Standard Epicor Software helps keep track of Parts and Sales Kits by using a Serial Tracked functionality. However, it does not allow lower level serial tracking on outbound serial tracking. A custom software solution was created to allow a customer to track the Sales orders and Shipments for specific component parts. Assigning this data to the component serial ID is now done as part of Customer Shipment, integrated with Packout processing, and it’s also available should shipments be created line item by line item.

On update of quantity to Ship from Inventory on the Pack Line, Standard Epicor ERP Software prompts for serial numbers for any serial tracked finished goods. When the serial numbers for a Pack Line have been entered, or if the finished good part is not serial tracked, validation of a BOM (Bill of Materials) is completed. If the ‘Finished Good’ part has a BOM (whether as a part or a kit), it is exploded (searched throughout all levels), and if any level contains one or more serial tracked parts, for each serial tracked component material qty per parent, a serial number must be entered into a pop-up form for the purpose. The SO and Pack for the Shipment are placed in User defined fields. (E9 does not use the standard pack number field unless the part number associated with the S/N is valid for the pack line.):


Create a Sales Order for a Sales Kit, a SN tracked Mfg Part and a Non-SN tracked part






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