Carton Management – Lot Number Modification: Epicor ERP Custom Software Solution

  • 1 August 2014
  • cre8
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At the present time, the lot control functionality within standard Epicor Software (E9) is used to manage lots for both purchased and manufactured items. The user enters a lot reference when receiving or issuing parts and this reference will display throughout the system as appropriate. There isn’t, however, any functionality within standard E9 that supports Carton Management; a Carton may contain multiple part numbers and may be refilled when quantity has been consumed. If a business processes receiving transactions using the Container Receipt Entry screen, they will not be able to receive partial lines in one container.

A custom software solution developed by Cre8tive Technology & Design takes the base Lot Number functionality from Epicor and uses it to create a new screen called ‘Carton Management’ which allows the user to manage inventory moves and partial lines receiving within containers.

This new screen has a filter section which enables the user to quickly find cartons or part #’s within cartons. Additionally, the user can search for items based on Warehouse/Bin combinations:


Different filter combinations are used to find more specific or general results in the Carton List grid:


Additionally, a section labeled “Move Details” was created from which the user can move a whole carton or individual items to another location, based on a certain set of rules:

  • If Only ‘Carton #’ is populated, all carton contents will be moved to the specified ‘To Location’
  • If ‘Carton’ and ‘Part’ are populated, all details for that carton and part are moved to the ‘To Location’
  • If Only ‘Part’ is populated, all details for that part are moved to the ‘To Location’
  • If ‘Carton’, ‘Part’, and ‘Warehouse/Bin’ are selected, then a quantity needs to be specified. Once ‘Quantity’ is populated, it is moved to the ‘To Location’:


Finally, functionality has been added to this screen so that the user can directly print Labels for a specific Carton or set of Cartons. Once one or more Cartons are displayed in the ‘Carton List’ grid, the user can click on the “Print Labels” button, and individual labels will be printed out for all the Cartons on the list:


Once the ‘Print Labels’ button has been clicked, and a printer selected, a label with the following format is printed out:

Carton Label example

Taking the base Lot Control functionality within E9, Cre8tive Technology & Design designed a custom UI from which the user can manage, move, and print labels for specific Cartons. The user can now easily move Parts and quantities around between Cartons, Warehouses/Bins and print out specifically formatted labels for shipping purposes.

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