• 8/1/2022

    Cre8tive Technology (Epicor Platinum Partner) Acquires PRO.FILE PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) Service Business from Sconce

    Cre8tive Technology & Design purchased the PRO.FILE PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) Service Business from Sconce.
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  • 7/20/2022

    Preparing for Digital Disruption in the Aerospace & Defense Industry

    Discover how a quality ERP solution implemented by a certified partner can help A&D organizations embrace digital disruption.
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  • 7/18/2022

    Best Practices for Managing Aerospace & Defense Supply Chain Risks

    This blog focuses on best practices when it comes to managing the supply chain for A&D. Through powerful, effective enterprise resource planning (ERP) integration, supply chain risks can be mitigated.
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  • 5/20/2022

    Cautions of Working with Uncertified ERP Partners

    CTND shows you why having a certified, experienced ERP partner is critical to supporting your business to scale.
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  • 4/20/2022

    What is the Difference Between PLM and ERP?

    This blog explores the difference between PLM and ERP to determine what you’ll need for your business.
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