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Training for Suppliers, Customers, as well as Employees Customization Delivered

A customization was created to auto assign an existing but Reusable Non-Payroll Employee Record when a Course is requested for a Supplier or Customer Person/Contact.

When user clicks the ‘Course Request’ button on the Case Entry form or from Course Request Entry, the system will determine if the person to take the course is a Supplier or Customer. If so, then the system will create a Reusable Non-Payroll Employee record and display the Supplier / Customer information (Type, ID, Name) in other fields. With this approach the standard business rules would be used.

When an Employee person/contact is selected to take a Course, the system will not use the extra fields to display Customer and Supplier information (ID and Name) and standard functionality would be applied.

A system employee can take or apply for a course once per Case Number or Course Number. Because of this business rule the system would have to create one Reusable Non-Payroll Employee per Customer or Supplier in attendance. The maximum number of Non-Payroll Employees auto-generated/updated by the Customization will be the maximum number of Suppliers/Customers enrolled in a single Training Course.

With this approach we avoid the creation of an Employee record for each Customer or Supplier enrolled in training.

The following naming convention were followed for auto-assign employee records:

  • Employee ID : trn##### (where # is a sequential number)
  • First name: training# (where # is a sequential number)
  • Last Name: training# (where # is a sequential number)

Course credits were not part of the requirement for this customization.

Screen examples:

Plant configuration control must have Approval required set up, and a default Supervisor for approvals defined.

Plant Configuration Control in epicor erp

Plant Configuration Control Case Entry

Select course request within the case entry of epicor erp

Case Entry

Create course request using the course id in epicor erp

Create Course Request

Successful course request confirmation in epicor erp