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  • 21 May 2013
  • cre8
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Customers will commonly face the need of exporting data from Epicor to different systems or tools that they use. Standard Epicor Software gives the user the ability to generate reports and print them out, but there is no way for the data to be transformed into a file that can be read by other applications. A custom software solution was created to allow users to export “Available to Promise” data into a CSV (comma separated file) which can then be migrated into other systems for processing. This interface was designed to run automatically as part of System Agent schedules. This will give the user the ability to make the process automatic to a certain degree, being able to just go and take the csv files every day (after the process has been executed) and processing them after.

The layout of the csv file is as follows:

  1. Part Number
  2. Today’s ATP
  3. Next ATP date
  4. Next ATP Qty
  5. Message



Next ATP date: This field represents when we will have more available than we currently have.

Next ATP Qty: This is the amount that will be available at our Next ATP Date. If the ATP Date calculated above is blank, the Next ATP Qty = 0. Otherwise:

  • Select  the Date Radio button



If item is discontinued (the Part has a BPM Hold of HoldType = “Discontinued”), and ATP Date is blank, then set the message field to  “No Longer Available”


If item is stocked out for the season (the Part has a BPM hold of HoldType = “Seasonal Stockout”), and ATP Date is blank, then set the message field to “Seasonal Stockout”

If neither, then message is blank.

  • For the previous case, the csv should contain no message and show the final values shown in the screenshot:


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