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  • 17 November 2014
  • cre8
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In the following customization example, the business handles two kinds of jobs to fulfill the demand for their sales orders:

  1. Semi-finished product jobs: used to partially create parts and capture cost.
  2. Finished product jobs: when an order/job is complete, job receipt to job transactions are created in standard Epicor Software (E9) to transfer WIP inventory from Semi-finished jobs to this.

A custom software solution was developed by Cre8tive Technology & Design to automate the creation of job receipt to job transactions and make the process smoother and faster. The customization is divided in three components:

Custom Job Receipt to Job UI (New Form)
A new interface has been created to allow the users to select a number of jobs to be transacted. After the jobs have been selected and sent for processing, the form sends a list of job receipt to job transactions to Service Connect for processing.



Epicor Custom Form – Auto Job Receipt to Jobs

The user can manually add new records to the grid by clicking the ‘New Record’ button and typing in a Job number; the Part Number and Part Description will then be automatically populated with the information from the Job. Typing in an invalid or nonexistent Job will not trigger any errors and that line will just be skipped:



Auto Job Receipt to Jobs – New Record Added



Auto Job Receipt to Jobs – invalid and valid Job examples

Additionally, the user can use Epicor’s ‘Paste Insert’ functionality to populate the list of jobs when the number of entries is larger:



Auto Job Receipt to Jobs – UI showing a list of Paste Inserted jobs

After the user has finished entering the Jobs to be processed, he/she must choose a Transaction Date and click on the ‘Process Jobs’ button. The grid is then cleared and the list is sent to Service Connect for processing:



Auto Job Receipt to Jobs – UI cleared after processing

Service Connect portion

After the user sends a list of Jobs to be processed through the ‘Auto Job Receipt to Jobs’ UI, a file is placed in the input folder for Service Connect to grab and process and an entry will then be created in one of two UD tables; one for valid and processed entries, and another for any errors encountered during processing:



Epicor BAQ – Query  showing the jobs that have been sent for processing. Query Includes Job #, Transaction Type, User E-mail and Part Description



Epicor BAQ – Query showing error log UD table



Epicor Job Receipt to Job – Example Job Receipt to Job transaction for a job that met the requirements

Job Entry UI (Customization)

The final portion of the customization is a UI adjustment to the existing Job Entry form. After a job has been processed by Service Connect and a Job Receipt to Job transaction created, a custom checkbox labeled ‘Receipt to Job Transacted’ in the Job tab of the Job Entry form will be marked as “TRUE”, this will prevent processing of the same job multiple times:



Epicor Job Entry – Custom Checkbox marked as TRUE

Setting the custom ‘Receipt to Job Transacted’ box as FALSE allows the Job to be re-processed:



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