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  • 2 April 2014
  • cre8
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Sometimes, a large volume of orders, shipments, payments, and data in general translate into a lot of work for the user. Entering, processing, shipping and taking payments for hundreds of orders every day is no easy task, and this becomes even harder if the business has different platforms where the customer can make purchases or place orders; via web or mobile apps, for example.

Standard Epicor Software (E9) has some ways to automate some processes such as auto-invoicing or mass shipments but, what happens when the orders come from different places and we want to automate payments? When the volume of payments to be processed is so large that the user can no longer process them all on time, it’s time to come up with an alternate method.

In this particular case, Sales Orders are being imported automatically from a third-party website and created in E9. Once the orders are in Epicor and have been shipped, a custom software solution developed by Cre8tive Technology & Design can be executed or set to run on a schedule to automatically authorize the SO amount against the customer’s credit card and create the payments. The proceeds from the credit card processor are manually applied against the invoices on a daily basis. The purpose of this solution is to automate the payment of open invoices with a method in place to handle exceptions which may arise:

Once the order is placed in the FTP, and taken by SC to process, a new entry is created in Epicor. A UD CheckBox is used to identify an order as coming from web (Web Order) and this is one of the requirements for the Auto Payment process to kick in:


Epicor Sales Order Entry – New Web Order created


SQL Query for the Order – ChechBox01 is TRUE


Epicor System Agent – A Payment Process is scheduled to run


Epicor System Monitor – An Active Payment Process task is shown


Epicor Cash Receipt Tracker – Latest Invoice information is displayed


Epicor AR Invoice Tracker – Payment shown in the Payment Activity Detail grid

As Sales Orders come into Epicor and Shipments are created (either manually or via another automated process) a Payment Processing Scheduled task is ready in System Agent to process that data periodically. If any exceptions arise, a System Monitor entry with an error description will be shown to the user.

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