A/P Invoice Entry Enhancements: Epicor ERP Custom Software Solution

  • 15 January 2014
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Throughout the majority of the forms and windows within Standard Epicor Software the user can access other related forms and drill down on necessary information. This can be achieved using what is commonly known as the “right-click” functionality; right-clicking many of the fields in the forms gives the user an “Open With…” option which in turn shows the different related forms to that field. In Customer Shipment Entry, for example, the user can travel to the Sales Order Entry/Tracker (along with some other options) by right clicking the Order Number field in the Lines Tab:


Although this is a very useful way in which the user can travel throughout the software, sometimes, it might be better for their business to have certain information directly in one single form, without having to view it in different windows. This might be because the user has restricted access to certain forms or modules in E9 or perhaps they just want direct visibility immediately. In this case, the customer requires some information to be available in the A/P Invoice Entry form that would normally have to be accessed through other modules.

A custom software solution was developed to show some information coming from other forms directly into the A/P Invoice Entry form. The following changes were made:

  • Include the ProjectID and Description to the Lines > Detail tab
  • Insert the G/L Account Description, next to the G/L Account in the Header > Misc Charges > Misc Charges tab
  • Add a new ShortChar field called “Misc Additional Description” to the Lines > Job Misc Detail tab
  • Modify the WBS Phase pulldown menu to display the WBS FULL Path Description

See an example of the customization running:

Epicor AP Invoice Entry  – Lines > Detail tab


Epicor AP Invoice Entry – Choose an Invoice Group, select an Invoice and go to Lines > Detail to verify the information is populated



Epicor AP Invoice Entry – Header > Misc Charges > Misc Charges tab G/L Account Description is present


Epicor AP Invoice Entry – Lines > Job Misc Detail Tab, the WBS Phase field shows the Full Description


Epicor AP Invoice Entry – Lines > Job Misc Detail Tab, new Misc Add’l Desc field is present

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