Why the Aerospace and Defense Industry Needs ERP

  • 18 May 2016
  • CTND
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Aerospace and Defense (A&D) is a rapidly evolving industry that requires a good deal of real-time communication spanning every facet of manufacturing and resource planning. This industry consists of many different companies that produce both commercial and private aircraft, spacecraft, and military equipment. As travel demand increases, new technologies are constantly being introduced, the global supply chain remains healthy, and the A&D industry continues to experience rapid growth. But the constant demand for fast, innovative, compliant, sophisticated, and cost-effective output results in a heavy amount of pressure to deliver. That’s where ERP comes in.

Benefits of ERP to the A&D Manufacturing Process

With so many moving parts, a comprehensive ERP system is vital to the clarity and efficiency of the A&D manufacturing process, from shop floor to cost accounting. A fully-faceted and dependable enterprise resource planning software system can help make a complex manufacturing process a streamlined and worry-free process. A comprehensive ERP system can help a business monitor the supply chain, gauge and meter production, chaperone new product development, reduce costs, and communicate data effectively throughout the organization and beyond.

ERP solutions come in both cloud and on-premise variations, and each one provides its own unique benefits depending on the particular permutation of a business and the values inherent within it. Regardless of whether an on-premise or cloud-based solution is the right choice, an ERP system can help improve A&D manufacturing process by allowing business owners to better manage the following:

  • Project predictions and adjustments
  • Scheduling changes to maximize efficiency
  • Cost management
  • Current project comparisons to previous project data
  • Visibility across the entire manufacturing chain
  • On-the-fly changes in the supply chain
  • Recording and reviewing of the entire product lifecycle
  • Seamless communication of project data
  • Audit trails and records of all project purchases
  • Customer-centric methods of delivery
  • Easily digestible reporting for stakeholders

A state-of-the-art ERP system can help ensure that the business is efficient and that data remains securely stationed within its care. ERPs can help provide critical business data to key stakeholders in a consistent and readable format, allowing them access to real-time data anywhere in the world, at any given time. This access to data helps improve coordination of projects and increases the efficiency of production. And without the need to keep multiple systems in sync and upgraded, business owners and their employees are free to focus on more important orders of business.

Why Take Advantage of ERP Consultations

A&D businesses that are new to ERP are far from alone when it comes to the challenges of such a large system implementation. A consultant that is intimately familiar with a company’s ERP system can help them face and conquer complex issues and innovate new means by which to customize and improve the manufacturing process from top to bottom.

The Cre8tive Technology team excels in ERP software customization and implementation, and will get your business up and running in record time. With access to the latest ERP software solutions, CTND can implement an ERP system that can take your business processes from average to excellent and pose your processes for ultimate speed, efficiency, innovation, and ultimately, growth.

As the Aerospace and Defense industry continues to run at top speed into 2016, the need to keep internal operations running efficiently is critical. The ability to support innovations in a rapidly changing market and to optimize processes along the way are vitally important to a thriving A&D business. To maintain and sustain growth, a business must have a solid ERP system that can keep them in compliance, provide important project data, support a rapid evolution of processes, and be able to help them manage adjustments throughout the entire project lifecycle.

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