7 Necessary Cloud Features for Your Business [INFOGRAPHIC]

  • 25 August 2015
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According to the RightScale State of the Cloud 2015 Survey, 93% of IT professionals have used or are currently using a cloud computing system.

As more and more businesses realize the benefits of cloud computing and Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), we’ll see a wider selection of cloud systems to choose from than ever before. Make your system search easier with this list of the Top 7 Must-Have Cloud Storage Features for Your Business.

File Versioning

Do you and your employees access old files and make changes? Or do several people in your company touch the same document and make edits? If “yes”, then File Versioning is a necessity.
File Versioning makes it impossible to overwrite old files. Each time you edit a document, the system automatically saves it as a new version, keeping the previous ones preserved.
Most cloud storage systems include File Versioning, but it’s important to ask:
• How many versions will the system save?
• How long will the system keep older versions?
• Where do older versions go once they’re deleted?

Automatic Syncing

Do your employees ever work off-site or on-the-go? They may not have time to manually sync their document edits before they have to catch a plane or jump in a taxi.
Solution: The Automatic Syncing feature updates your files in real-time so that everyone has access to the latest versions without having to click a button.
An added bonus would be a cloud computing system that has automatic backup capabilities. That way your documents are always up-to-date AND secure on an external drive.

Sharing & Collaborating Tools

Do your employees work in teams, share documents for approval, or frequently send documents to people outside of your company?
Sharing & Collaborating Tools enable seamless document sharing with multiply viewing and editing options.
Look for a cloud system that offers password protection and sharing options that are customizable by level (i.e. documents, sub-folders, parent folders, and more).
Rest assured that no unwanted eyes are seeing your confidential files.

Cloud-Based Viewing & Editing

Do you or your employees travel for work or work from home?
Cloud-Based Viewing & Editing gives you and your employees access to documents on any device, anytime, anywhere – as long as you have Internet connection.
With the automatic syncing and the file versioning, you won’t have to think twice about opening up a document and making a few quick tweaks.
Make sure you find a system that has this feature, as it can be a hassle to have to download documents from the drive, edit them, and then re-upload them once your edits are complete.

Security & File Encryption

Moving your business to the cloud could be the best decision you’ll ever make – but be sure not to skimp on cyber Security and protection.
The cloud computing service you choose should Encrypt your document data at least once before it leaves your device.
Look for a cloud system that allows you to choose your own Encryption key for an extra level of Security on documents that even your employees shouldn’t have access to.
Additional Security features include the ability to set different levels of access for different employees.

Customizable Storage Capacity

What percentage of your business are you looking to move to the cloud? Whatever your answer is now, that percentage is likely to grow.
Find a cloud solution that offers an appropriate storage size at a proportional price. And pay attention to how much that price will increase as you upgrade your storage. Example: 1TB of storage can be anywhere from $250 to thousands of dollars/year.
You might even consider purchasing unlimited data storage.

Timely Tech Support

Select a cloud storage company that offers prompt, friendly service 24/7.
Phone and email support are great. Live text and chat support is ideal.
Solid Tech Support will ensure that you and your employees can access important documents at all times and quickly take care of any technical glitches or road-bumps.

This list was adapted from the Business News Daily article, Cloud Storage: 7 Must-Have Features for Business.

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