6 Tips for Selecting the Best ERP Software

  • 31 July 2014
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Enterprise resource planning software has become an indelible part of running a streamlined, successful business, but with so many offerings on the market, finding the right ERP software package can be daunting.


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1. Don’t make your decision on cost alone.

Estimate the total cost of ownership to avoid overheads. This includes:
• Hardware upgrades
• Implementation
• Software maintenance

However, in making your final decision, pay attention to other areas, such as:
• Infrastructure
• System functionality
• E-commerce capabilities

2. Review and analyze your current processes.

Define your current business processes, including strengths, pain points, and areas of improvement. Consider what these processes should look like in the future and what you require to achieve this to-be state.

3. Create an implementation plan.

Develop a comprehensive plan that takes into account the installation of the ERP package and all the processes that go into making the system functional, tested, and accepted by the end user. Your plan should include:
• Workflow design
• Data migration
• Test iterations
• Organizational change management activities

4. Understand the uniqueness of your industry.

Choose software that offers the specialized capabilities to cater to all of your company’s requirements. Find a provider who offers solutions tailored to your specific line of work.

5. Track the benefits of the new system.

Estimate your ERP system’s benefits against your desired metrics, such as:
• Reduced costs
• Increased revenue
• Scale for growth

6. Choose a qualified vendor.

Choose a vendor who knows your business and where your business is headed. Your vendor should understand your industry’s standards and create an ERP solution that incorporates processes to address these standards.

Remember that you should ideally have a long-term relationship with your ERP software vendor. Seek a software partner who offers:
• Responsive support
• Continuous product releases
• User conferences
• User forums

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