6 Essential ERP Benefits to Utilize

  • 15 November 2017
  • CTND
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The ability to hardwire best practices into business operations is more important today than ever before. American manufacturing companies are reaching a crisis point: an estimated 3.5 million skilled manufacturing jobs will need to be filled over the next decade as the baby-boomer generation retires. With this shift comes the retirement of valuable institutional knowledge. Investing in a cutting-edge ERP for your company means you have a way to maintain that knowledge, which will allow you to better bridge the skills divide between this generation of manufacturing workers and the next.

Still skeptical about the value an ERP solution can bring to your company? Here are a few more benefits that you will reap.

Seamlessly Transition Between Teams

By standardizing best practices, future staff members can know what may have taken their older predecessors years of hands-on experience to learn. ERP solutions mean staff in all departments access the same information, eliminating the silos that can form around departments and making collaboration more efficient. The access of information by all staff members increases transparency throughout your team.

The Ability to Work From Anywhere

With an ERP, your work isn’t dependent on a single office desktop computer. The best ERP solutions offer plenty of options for manufacturing companies, with the ability to have servers hosted on-site or in the cloud. The latter means your information is available from anywhere at anytime, so employees and management have flexibility in accessing their work. This is ideal for inputting or accessing information while at a business meeting or a prospective supplier or customer’s facility.

Save Your Company Money

An ERP solution is an investment, and it will save your company money in many areas over time. By boosting machine and labor efficiency and managing supply management proactively rather than reactively, your business will be more lean and effective.

Big Data for Small Companies

ERP software isn’t only for large manufacturing companies — small business owners have just as much to gain. The right ERP will formalize your business practices, creating a single place to view supply sourcing, orders, employee data, and more. Through the standardization and automation of best practices, small manufacturing companies can instead focus on innovation and bidding on new contracts.

Guarantee Compliance

Compliance standards in the Aerospace and Defense  and medical industries are stringent and sometimes in flux, and your team needs to keep up. ERP is built for compliance, so you never have to worry about whether your processes are sound. When it comes to external audits, such as AS9100 and ISO9100, an ERP can easily provide the documentation an auditor will need to examine.

Scale Your Company With Ease

Whether you’re a small manufacturing company with big growth ambitions, or a multimillion-dollar operation looking to maintain that success, an ERP will easily shift and adapt to meet the needs of your team. With many exciting new applications available to add-on to your ERP package, you can build a system that is 100% tailored to your operations.

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