5 Mistakes Distributors Make When Selecting an Enterprise Software Solution – A Seven Part Series

  • 18 July 2013
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Introduction       System Replacement Starts with a Vision

Part 2               Mistake 1 – Not involving the head of the organization in the decision-making process

Part 3               Mistake 2 – Skipping the planning phase because it “takes too much time”

Part 4               Mistake 3 – Considering a technology provider that doesn’t truly understand your industry

Part 5               Mistake 4 – Assuming you will do things exactly the same way you do them today

Part 6               Mistake 5 – Selecting a vendor that lacks a long-term product vision

Part 7               Replacement Expertise Delivers True Return on Investment


Introduction – System Replacement Starts with a Vision


It’s no light matter to replace your enterprise software system.  It’s essentially performing a heart transplant on your business.  Replacement may appear to be a difficult and painful process, but done right, it can open numerous business opportunities.  The cornerstone of this effort is finding the partner that can show you how to make this hard transition easier and a specialist with the confidence to walk side-by-side with you until your goals are achieved.


Distributors decide to replace their enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems for a variety of reasons.  At the most fundamental level, the question is whether your current system supports or constrains your ability to execute business strategies that will make your company successful and establish it as an industry leader.


After the decision to change is made, you must imagine what your company will look like in 10 years or more.  What new developments in your industry will reshape your company?  How will your company lead or respond to those changes?  More importantly, how will you get there, what technologies will you have adopted, and how will they have helped you succeed?  This vision will form the basis of the criteria for your selection of an ERP system replacement.


Your enterprise software provider must be part of your vision.  They must have faced these challenges many times in their history and learned how to help distributors adopt new technologies.  The future of your business depends on whether they have successfully made the leap from one technology curve to the next, and continue to innovate and deliver to help companies like yours lead the change.


Selecting the right software provider for your business can be a daunting task for those who lack experience in this process. The last thing any person or company wants is to invest in the wrong technology and choose the wrong partnership.  There are five common mistakes distributors make when embarking on the software selection process.


• Not Involving the Head of the Organization in the Decision-Making Process

• Skipping the Planning Phase Because It “Takes Too Much Time”

• Considering a Technology Provider that Doesn’t Truly Understand Your Industry

• Assuming You Will Do Things Exactly the Same Way You Do Them Today

• Selecting a Vendor that Lacks a Long-Term Product Vision


If you can avoid these common pitfalls, you will drastically increase your probability of success.  The remainder of this document addresses each of these issues and presents sound advice for ensuring you make the proper decision that will support and enhance the future vision of your company.

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