5 Benefits of Cloud-Based ERP for Manufacturers

  • 28 March 2018
  • CTND
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The shift to cloud-based services and infrastructure is on the rise, and discrete manufacturing and process manufacturing companies are leading the charge when it comes to public cloud spending. The two industries alone make up just under one fifth of all market spending on these services.

This isn’t a surprise; manufacturing benefits greatly from the efficiency, scalability, and agility provided by cloud-based solutions such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) platforms. Here are just five reasons why cloud-based ERP can keep your manufacturing company competitive in an increasingly global industry.

1. Faster Deployment

Maybe your manufacturing company has already considered using an ERP platform, but the long deployment process was too overwhelming.

With all the complex planning involved in setting up your servers, on-site ERP deployment can take about a year to implement. Even with the long-term benefits that an ERP platform offers, you might not want to lose this time in the fast-paced manufacturing industry — and that’s where cloud-based ERP can help.

Because cloud-based ERP is hosted on the cloud, instead of on servers hosted at your business, deploying the system can take as little as three months. You don’t need to set up new servers on your premise, so you can reduce the IT infrastructure requirements for an ERP solution and still enjoy all the advantages of ERP.

2. Simplified Updates

Think of any cloud-based software currently on your computer — do you remember the last time you updated that software?

Cloud-based ERP takes care of updates automatically, which ensures that your team is always running the latest version. Software updates for an on-premise ERP solution are more labor intensive, and will often require a temporary company-wide maintenance outage. In an industry that thrives on efficiency, even a temporary outage has an impact on both your productivity and your bottom line.

If you don’t want automatic updates to disrupt your company’s workflow, you can schedule routine updates for a more suitable time frame; such as on a Saturday morning, when your staff won’t be working.

3. Reinforced Security

Cloud-based ERP solutions are built with security in mind. External security features such as encrypted communication, monitoring for suspicious behavior, and strong password practices are partnered with secure application and web service calls. This creates a platform that is protected end-to-end.

What’s more, with cloud-based ERP your data is safeguarded from power failure, natural disasters, or anything else that could compromise the integrity of your information. Storing, replicating, and synchronizing data in the cloud means it will always be backed up. And because data is stored in geographic centers far from your production sites, power outages or other incidents at your facility will not affect your data.

4. Collaboration Made Simple

Cloud-based ERP makes collaboration with teams and suppliers around the world a breeze, as real-time data can be accessed with just a mouse click or screen swipe. This is particularly essential as manufacturing companies become more decentralized; many employees across teams need to access supply chain data, but few are able to do so from a desktop computer wired to an on-premise ERP.

With cloud-based ERP, your team can view critical data on-demand and in a central location. Urgent matters can be addressed immediately, as everyone has total access to the tools they need.

5. Flexibility for Hybrid Solutions

The benefits of cloud-based ERP are wide-reaching, but ultimately you will also want an ERP solution that is flexible enough to provide on-premise deployment, if necessary. Epicor ERP easily accommodates a sliding scale of cloud-based or on-premise options. As an international organization, or a company with a strong and centralized IT department providing global support, you can enjoy the best of both worlds with a hybrid solution.

At Cre8tive Technology and Design, we can completely customize your choice of ERP solution to your unique manufacturing requirements. Contact our experts today to see how cloud-based ERP can help your company grow.

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