Revision Visibility

Revision Visibility

For many companies, it is critical to track Part Revisions inside of Epicor ERP. These businesses need to know:

In some companies, particular Revisions of a component must be issued to a specific assembly.

Our lot management solution piggybacks on Epicor’s Lot and Serial Number functionality.  As each Lot or Serial number is created, either through a manufacturing job receipt or a PO receipt, the application will record the Revision level. For a manufacturing receipt, the application will pick up the Revision from the Job; for a PO Receipt, the program records the Revision from the PO Line.

Below, you can see that on both the Lot Entry screen and Serial Number screen, we have recorded and displayed the Revision number.



This Revision data is shown on the Lot Entry, Lot Tracker, Serial Entry, and Serial Tracker screens. Once recorded, this Revision can be displayed on the Job Picklist, Order Picklist, or any of the inventory trackers.

This is a simple yet elegant solution to a common problem in manufacturing plants where Revision visibility is required.

Solution Benefits:

Our enhancement for Epicor ERP software enables revisions, parts, sales, and customer tracking for streamlined processes that lead to fewer errors and a healthier bottom line. Contact us to learn more.