Halo BI

“Business Intelligence: meet Human Intelligence”

Halo BI is a new kind of platform that combines all the power and insight of traditional business intelligence with the flexibility and collaboration of next generation analytics and visualization tools. It gives people the information they need to make smarter, more timely business decisions.


Industry Specific Solutions:

Pre-built business intelligence templates that help you get results fast Whether your business is manufacturing industrial food equipment, caring for people, or selling consumer goods, one of the most difficult and time consuming parts of a new business intelligence initiative is getting proper metrics and reports in place. Halo BI takes the hassle away with pre-built templates for a number of industries.





Financial Services

Health Care



Industry Specific Solutions:


Halo BI’s interactive dashboards and alerts go wherever your users are — desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone, you name it — with just a web browser; no special apps or software required. What’s more, Halo’s built-in collaboration tool — Rings — lets people share their dashboards, discuss what they’re seeing and make decisions right then and there.


A 360° Solution:

More than simple analytics or data mining & discovery, Halo offers a true ETL and data warehouse platform that delivers flexible dashboarding and automated reporting for your entire business, not just one or two departments.


Agile BI for Agile Business:

Who has time for lengthy, complex and expensive deployments? Halo’s agile platform comes with pre-built connectors and data marts that will have you producing results in days, not weeks or months. Halo’s agile platform architecture allow you to add new features and functions as your business requirements grow and change.


Higher Intelligence, Lower Costs:


Forget about proprietary hardware and software lock in. The Halo Business Intelligence platform is built on low cost, commodity hardware and open software standards. Coupled with it’s incredible ease-of-use and self-serve capabilities, Halo’s total cost of ownership is a fraction of other, less flexible BI solutions.


Deploy It Your Way:


With Halo it’s up to you where your business intelligence lives. Deploy it on in-house servers, on your own private cloud, or as a hardware-free software as a service (SaaS) model. The choice is up to you.


Simpler Design = Smarter Business

A complete BI platform built on proven technology. No fancy tricks, no vendor lock-in. Just straightforward, flexible, self-serve BI that grows right along with your business. The Halo platform a refreshingly enlightened approach to business intelligence. Powerful, agile and built on proven technology, Halo’s flexible architecture and incredible ease-of-use offers an intelligence platform that adapts to your business and the needs of your decision-makers.


Collaborative BI: Human Intelligence is your biggest untapped competitive advantage

Halo Rings doesn’t just make it easy to share dashboard views with colleagues, but also delivers the tools to discuss what you’re seeing, solve problems and track the results without ever leaving Halo.


Halo Rings: Connecting Data with Human Insight

Halo Rings is an innovative component of Halo BI’s Prism Dashboard Visualization Tool. It’s an integrated social collaboration tool built right into your dashboard views.
Now, rather than having to create a report or grab a screenshot of an important metric (sales margins for example) and email or IM it from another application, you can tag the metric, click on the Rings window and begin a conversation without ever leaving the view. Everyone’s conversation is captured and tied to that view, so you can return to it at any time and have all the information and insight together — no rifling through emails, meeting notes, or IM logs.

Visualize, discuss & take action

Halo Rings is more than just a conversation tool, it’s a powerful knowledge-base, task manager and progress-tracking system too. With Rings you can ask your colleagues questions, share information like documents and photos, and even assign tasks and track results all while keeping the information connected to specific metrics and dashboards.

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