Epicor Security Setup Tool


Within the Epicor ERP software, it is critical that we allow the right people – and only those people – to access the data they need. The Epicor approach for codifying user access to programs is both comprehensive and effective, but it does come with some nuances due to its unique structure. There are a few common challenges users face when implementing the Epicor ERP software:

  • Epicor includes almost 2,000 menu items (which can be time-consuming to manage), and the standard user interface for menu maintenance does not support mass updates.
  • The Epicor multi-company setup can get tricky when you have many users and multiple companies, as each customer has different module licenses and custom menus.
  • Role-Based security isn’t effective long-term.
  • The Context Menu bypasses any security set at a higher level menu (like “General Operations,” for example).

So, how do you codify all of the information you need to provide the proper security access, and do so in a way that supports future changes and growth?

Cre8tive Technology and Design has created the Epicor Security Setup Tool: an automated tool that creates a complete User and Menu security plan – in a fraction of the time it would take you to do this manually. Built into this tool is a Best Practice menu security template for Epicor ERP, which cuts the setup effort by approximately 85%.

Solution Approach

Cre8tive’s Epicor Security Setup Tool includes the following features:

  • The ability to automatically load detailed security data using Epicor’s Data Management Tool (DMT) – saving you time.
  • Multi-Company support – to assist across all of your various users and companies.
  • The automatic creation of a highly granular list of Security Groups, which are independent of Roles – giving you a better setup for long-term Epicor user security.
  • The Excel/VB tool, which creates Security Groups, User Security, and Menu Security for you.

Cre8tive’s Epicor Security Setup Tool saves you both time and money, and will result in a more secure and flexible security setup for your needs.

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